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In this course, students learn how to use Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to monitor and manage their enterprise-computing environment. The participants use the Cloud Control framework, the out-of-box capability to manage Oracle targets, individually or in groups with templates, monitor the compliance of targets, use the job system to automate commonly performed tasks, view and compare configurations and create and use predefined and customized reports.


  1. Describe compliance policies and assess policy violations
  2. Target Patch Management
  3. Explore and monitor the full health of your Cloud Control system
  4. Configure targets and groups
  5. Target monitoring, alert, notification settings
  6. Create custom reports using BI Publisher
  7. Use the job system to live and manage tasks and automate common tasks
  8. Check, search, and compare configurations

Contenidos del curso


  • Key Challenges for managers
  • What Is Enterprise Manager Cloud Control?
  • Built-in and Integrated Manageability
  • This process in context
  • Course Schedule
  • Classroom Settings

Enterprise Manager Key Concepts

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Structure Review
  • Security (high level)
  • Cloud Control Framework Control
  • Self-Monitoring and Maintenance
  • View Log Files and Trace Files

Set a target

  • Search for targets (review)
  • Management layer
  • Groups
  • Target Properties

Oracle Cloud In the IT Ecosystem

  • Explain the benefits of using Oracle Cloud Services in your IT ecosystem
  • Explore new features that are unlocked when managing Oracle Cloud Services with Cloud Control

Roles and Permissions

  • Roles
  • Privileges
  • Users who can define roles and permissions
  • Use permissions and roles

Monitoring Standards

  • Defining monitoring standards
  • Setting and using metric thresholds
  • Use a collection of monitoring templates

Managing Events and Incidents

  • Metric Thresholds and Settings
  • Description of processing priorities for rules and notices
  • Re-action
  • Incidents Dashboard

Using Notices, Blackouts and Brownouts

  • Blackouts and Brownouts Define benefits
  • Blackouts
  • Brownouts
  • Monitoring Service
  • Alert and receive notifications
  • Metric Extensions

Using the Work System

  • Understand work permissions
  • Create multiple jobs
  • Using the Task Library
  • Set up job notifications
  • View work activities

Systems and Services Management

  • Workflow for Systems and Services
  • System definition and management
  • View the System Topology
  • Define and create services, service types
  • Service availability definition and monitoring
  • Explain using beacons
  • Service level definition and monitoring
  • Specify Service Level Rule Elements

Patching and Provisioning

  • Software lifecycle management
  • Provisioning and patching
  • Review software libraries
  • Using the Batch Procedure Manager
  • Batch procedures and use cases
  • Bare metal provisioning
  • Software patching: modes and workflow
  • Software Upgrades

Configutration Management

  • What Is Configuration Management?
  • Viewing Configurations
  • Comparing Configurations
  • Enterprise Configuration Discovery
  • Configuration topology

Compliance Management

  • Compliance Management
  • Define compliance management: framework, standards, and rules
  • Predefined compliance feature descriptions
  • Assign compliance standards to targets
  • View the results: score and importance
  • Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Document Description Oracle Database Compliance Standards

Creating and Using EM Reports Using BI Publisher

  • Information Publisher and BIP Comparision: IP Support Discontinued
  • BIP introduction and configuration basics
  • Using Oracle-Provided BIP Reports
  • Reporting on Targets
  • Workflow for reports generation
  • Schedule, save, and email reports
  • Publish Enterprise Manager Reports

Información extra


·        Database Administrators

·        System Administrator

·        System Integrator

·        Systems Architects

·        Technical Administrator

Learn to

  • Explore and monitor the full health of your Cloud Control system
  • Configure targets and groups
  • Target monitoring, alert, notification settings
  • Use the job system to create and manage tasks and automate common tasks
  • Check, search, and compare configurations
  • Target Patch Management
  • Describe compliance policies and assess policy violations
  • Create custom reports using BI Publisher

Benefits to you

In this course, you're talking about features that use the core features of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.2. After a brief review of the underlying structure, use Cloud Control to manage your enterprise computing environment. This course includes tasks such as cloud control management and monitoring, host, group, system and service management, target monitoring, using work systems and Information Publisher, verifying and comparing configurations, and managing compliance status.

Participate in practical exercises

You can participate in practical exercises to make sure you've learned what you've learned and learn how to manage, monitor, and administrator your data center using cloud control capabilities.

Suggested Prerequisites

·        Familiarity with Database Control

·        Familiarity with Fusion Middleware Control

·        Good knowledge of Linux

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