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This course is first in a series of three Oracle Linux 8 System Administration courses that covers the system administration tasks. The lab environment is validated against the latest Oracle Linux 8 release.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Install and complete initial setup of Oracle Linux
  • Configure the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Ksplice for updates without rebooting
  • Configure users, storage, and network interfaces on Oracle Linux
  • Preparation of the Oracle Linux server for the installation of Oracle Database
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Oracle Linux


Learn how to:

  • Configure Passwordless authentication
  • Configure Date, Time, and Chrony
  • Automate Tasks with cron and systemd
  • Use Loadable Kernel Modules
  • Use sysctl, rpm and dnf
  • Create a Local Yum Repository
  • Install the Ksplice Offline Client
  • Administer User and Group Accounts
  • Restrict the Use of the su Command
  • Allow the Use of the sudo Command
  • Partition Storage Device, create ext4 File Systems, and Increase Swap Space
  • Configure Network Interface
  • Use nmcli, nmtui, and ip
  • Configure firewalld and nftables
  • Install and Run Oracle Database Preinstall
  • Prepare Disks for ASM Use
  • Use sosreport to Collect System Information
  • Use Standard Linux Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Use OSWatcher and OSWatcher Analyzer
  • Use rsyslog Templates, logwatch, and systemd-journald

Contenidos del curso

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Introduction to Oracle Linux
  3. Installing Oracle Linux 8
  4. OpenSSH
  5. The GRUB Bootloader
  6. Introduction to systemd
  7. Managing Time
  8. Kernel and Device Configuration
  9. Package Management
  10. Oracle Ksplice
  11. User and Group Administration
  12. Partitions, File Systems, and Swap
  13. Network Configuration
  14. Network Security
  15. Oracle on Oracle
  16. System Monitoring and Management
  17. System Logging
  18. Troubleshooting

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