Training for unemployed

Training for unemployed

CFTICMS and Core Networks

The Centro de Formación en Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones Madrid-Sur that is located in Getafe, is Centro de Referencia Nacional de Desarollo (National Developement Center), and is part of Community of Madridy centers networki.

This center offers many courses with official certification of ICT manufacturers consecuenze of constant contact and collaboration with major companies of the sector.

The Training Center of Information Technologies and Communications of South Madrid occupies an area of ​​6,000 m2, and here a total of 23 classrooms and workshops with computer art endowments are integrated. Also, the center has an auditorium that can develop conference simultaneous interpretation, video and teaching ability through Internet.

We, Oracle Approved Education Center, impart Oracle University official training in TIC center, this courses group is of a high standard, with teachers, contents, materials, software and teaching aids approved by the manufacturer.


If you are unemployed and want to boost your career, take note of the following courses and their respective qualifiers:

The schedule ofcourses to be taught at the center of Getafe is pending confirmation and publication in this section.


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