Single Point of Audit Control (SPAC)


Centralized auditing solution of a CPD

SPAC (Single Point of Audit Control) is a web control and audit of the tasks undertaken by the CPD system administrators.
Our SPAC solution is designed for the access to CPD and audit of all CPD as simple as possible and any scale. The application records, protects and monitors any access to any server or application of a CPD, helping to comply with safety regulations and data protection.


  • Central point of access to systems and applications CPD
  • Record and playback access to graphical applications and terminal
  • Managing alerts based on keywords
  • Defining schedules access to systems
  • Integration with corporate authentication systems
  • High Availability Solution

Key Benefits

Rapid deployment
  • Implementation time is very short, because there is no dependence on the operating system type, version, system architecture, etc.. The solution is implemented in black box format, ie a negligible cost of setting up.
  • Immediate solution. Once the system launched and the distribution of applications made, begin to receive reports and alerts is quite simple and fast.
Zero Impact
  • The impact on existing systems is "zero" is not necessary to install proprietary solutions in any type of system, and have the same degree of analysis and generation of suspicious activity from an open terminal against a Cisco router that against a Solaris system Linux, HP/UX, Aix, etc.
  • Updating the SPAC solution does not influence the activity of daily administration (high availability mode, two nodes). Any changes to the audit software involves not stop any customer service, the solution is completely transparent to the client environment CPD.
  • Changes in policies and systems audit reserved reserved words can be hot without having to stop or re-start any services.
Delegated Administration - Intuitive Interface
  • Delegated administration at different levels, allowing users who have only monitoricen platform, other than just engaging in the high, low and modifying users and others who simply engaged in obtaining reports.
  • Very intuitive for users system, the cost of training users to change the way you access the systems once deployed the solution is very low, the entire solution is based on graphical user interfaces and can be kept virtually all applications used normally accessing the end servers.
  • All applications that were previously in positions remote or distributed by the CPD systems, all will run from the SPAC website through a browser.


SPAC, versión 1.4, It is fully compatible with the latest versions of products Oracle, like Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Linux 5.5 , Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1 , Oracle Virtual Machine 3and Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud , Oracle SuperCluster.