Core Center

Core Center

This solution the first integrated hardware and software administration for Unix, Linux and Windows environments solution - combining the management of servers, operating systems, firmware, virtual machines, storage, disaster recovery, and networks in a single virtual console, to maximize the value of the infrastructure investment.



  • great knowledge of metadata patches and dependencies.
  • Features unique simulation for patched.
  • Features snapshot and rollback updates.
  • Provisioning capabilities.
  • Allows the management of physical and virtual consulting teams CPD.
  • Automatización de tareas basada en eventos


Discover and Manage computers
  • Discover and manage computers and O.S. by network.
  • Method Automatic, Custom, or Manual Discovery.
  • Management Team discovered with automatic agent installation on O.S. instances
Monitoring Equipment and Instances O.S.
  • Managing and Monitoring the Chassis.
  • Providing access to the SP console.
  • Monitoring attributes: Health, Power, Lights Locator, HW Variables.
  • Process Monitoring and Users.
  • Monitoring of key parameters O.S.
Provisioning Platform
  • Import images of O.S., ISO files or Flash files (flars).
  • Create installation profiles for custom installations.
Update Instances Platform
  • Patching or updating one or more O.S.
  • Use standard reports to identify new patches and security recommendations.
  • Patched launch simulations (like virtual works).
  • Maintain a catalog system to know what is installed on a computer to add patches or restrict.
  • Use local content to install own software and run scripts.
Virtual Management consulting O.S.
  • O.S. Management host using:
  • Solaris Containers (Zones)
  • Logical Domains (LDOMs) Roadmap Core Center cans monitor, manage and update virtual OS instances
  • Create virtual instances
  • Edit virtual instances
  • Manage the life cycle


Core Center, 1.3 version, It is fully compatible with the latest versions of products Oracle, like Oracle Database 11g R2,  Oracle Linux 5.5 , Oracle  Solaris 11, Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1 , Oracle Virtual Machine 3 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine,  Oracle Exalogic Elastic  Cloud , Oracle SuperCluster.