Core Access Control

Core Access Control

This is a solution that allows us to manage access to the servers of CPD in those cases where we are in flat networks where network restructuring is too complex and costly.


This solution is introduced into the process of user authentication to connect to back-end servers so that both the real user who made ​​the connection as the user used for the connection is obtained, which allows us to associate the control rules access to people and not to user accounts.

Simplifies security management, which otherwise would require different applications and components to meet the safety standards of a very expensive way.

It is much more flexible, and can be used as actual parameters user, end user, source IP, destination IP, times, etc..

This solution covers both remote access to systems such as access to running commands.


  • User management (creation, deletion and editing).
  • Domain Management (creation, deletion and editing).
  • Server management (creation, deletion and editing).
  • Connection Management.
  • Evaluation of rules based on:
  • Environments.
  • Users.
  • Source and target servers.
  • Based on calendar.
  • Management logs against external database and can get the statistics of access and / or blocking.
  • Searches access by machines and environments.
  • Reuse of rules.
  • Income verification rules (test).


Core Access Control, 1.1 version, is fully compatible with the latest versions of products Oracle, like Oracle Database 11g R2,  Oracle Linux 5.5 , Oracle  Solaris 11, Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1 , Oracle Virtual Machine 3 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine,  Oracle Exalogic Elastic  Cloud , Oracle SuperCluster.