Quality Policy and Environment

Our Policy

The organization is aware of the crucial role of the involvement of all those involved in its scope of work to address the reality, constantly changing and therefore requires a high degree of training, the firm has proposed priority to achieve continuous improvement on the quality of work and services to its customers and the environmental implications associated with the implementation thereof.
Following this premise, the corporation has committed to implementing a integrated environmental management and quality to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 system - taking the lead to ensure a satisfactory and adequate service to the expectations of their customers without diminishing, as far as possible, the environment environment in which it operates, in order to move towards the prevention and / or mitigation of environmental impacts inherent precision work for it. To achieve a high degree of efficiency in the management of our business, which revolves around the design, development and support of ICT solutions and high level training in ICT applications, and as general guidelines of our philosophy, the Address makes the following commitments:

  • Set goals periodically based on the needs of the moment that contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of service provided to the customer and our environmental performance and pollution prevention. Educate our employees about their involvement on the process of implementation of environmental policy and established quality.
  • Comply with applicable law and regulation of all that assumed by the company voluntarily or in response to the specifications of our customers.
  • Periodically review the environmental and quality of the organization as a political help us to update our working philosophy, respecting the above premises.

Defined and established environmental and quality policy under described herein, CORE NETWORKS, S.L. puts knowledge of its employees, customers and other stakeholders.