Oracle Fusion Middleware Stack

LDAP/AD Directory Solutions:

  • OID (Oracle Internet Directory): A LDAP solution whose dataStore is a DB instead of RDBM (included in the IOM product stack).
  • Oracle Enterprise Edition: LDAP-based version of the old product of Sun DSEE.
  • Oracle Authenticator Services for S.O (OASOS): Solution to authenticate O.S. (Linux / Unix) by PAM and NSS.
  • OUD (Oracle Unified Directory): Based on ODSEE including turn the LDAP proxy service.
  • OVD (Oracle Virtual Directory): Virtualizer service that simplifies access to different schemas by LDAP or LDAP DB.

SSO Solutions :

  • Oracle Access Manager (OAM):Web SSO solution that integrates with Policy Agents (webgates).
  • Oracle Single Sing On (OSSO): It corresponds to mod_sso module integration with Apache servers.
  • Oracle Adaptative Access Manager (OAAM): It is an extension to the OAM service that provides the ability to detect fraud in Web access and strong authentication.
  • Oracle Entitlement Server (OES): Is a service that extends the functionality of expanding centralized OAM functionality XACML.
  • Oracle Identity Federation (OIF): It is an extension of the functionality OAM solution that supports federated services Liberty and SAML protocol (1,2). Acquired from Oblix product with enlargement of former services Fedlet Sun.

Identity Solutions:

  • Oracle Waveset: The product Sun Identity is maintained under this name for no cause confusion.
  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM): Identity Manager based on the Thortech component and provides (provision, administration and reconciliation of heterogeneous systems of component from all that make up the identity of a user, such as databases, ERP, CRM, mail systems, ...) with connectors . Includes manager seft-service attributes and management roles.
  • Oracle Role Manager (ORM): Role management (role minning) for Oracle Waveset.
  • Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA): Role Minning Manager with Recertification IOM options.