ForgeRock OpenIdentity Stack

ForgeRock OpenIdentity Stack

Consisting of four core products - OpenAM , OpenDJ, OpenIG and OpenIDM - the platform enables agile business innovation through a scalable, lightweight infrastructure and active collaboration within the ForgeRock community. Our IRM solution is designed from the ground up as an integrated, cohesive stack that is purpose-built to handle complexity. Traditional IAM, typically built piecemeal through acquisitions and tacking on parts as needs arise, struggles to respond to the multitude of users, circumstances, devices, access points and access privileges that dominate today’s IRM world.

For technical staff, this is an entirely new and simple approach to delivering common identity services for enterprise, social, cloud and mobile applications. For CIOs and business owners, our IRM platform is a tool for implementing new business models and driving revenue growth. It provides speed, ease of use, reliable security, reusable business processes and the ability to scale to handle customer volume like no other platform before or since.

How our Open Identity Stack sets the ForgeRock stage:

Open Identity Stack Architecture