Core Networks System Integration department is specialized on integration of environment in the market leaders.

Our customers have a multidisciplinary architecture with several variations. Our job is to make everything work perfectly regardless of manufacturer that has.

We know the business products (enterprise) and products opensource.

Take the opportunity to maintenance as choosing what you really need to keepr.

Business Solutions:
  • Operating Systems Solutions.
  • HP-UX.
  • Solaris (7,8,9,10), OpenSolaris.
  • Linux (Red Hat, Fedora, Suse, OpenSuse, Debian).
Virtualization and Cloud Management
  • Domains and Solaris Zones.
  • LDOMs (Solaris).
  • Xen, KVM (Novell Linux).
  • OpenStack
  • Virtual Box.
  • VMWare.

Below are a number of products where our staff is specialized particularly described. If your product is missing from the following you can call and ask for the same, as this list is continually expanding as we embrace new challenges.

Solutions for applications

Cluster and High Availability Systems(H.A):
  • Sun Cluster 2.X/3.X
  • Veritas Cluster
  • Red Hat Cluster Suite
  • Novell Cluster Suite.

Applications Servers:
  • Sun JES Application Server.
  • Sun Glassfish.
  • Tomcat.
  • JBOSS (Red Hat), 5.x y 7.x.
  • Oracle Weblogic

Identity Management

Identity Servers:
  • Novell Identity Manager.
  • Sun Identity Manager.
  • Microsoft (Forefront Identity Manager).
  • Oracle Identity Manager 11g.

  • Sun JES Directory Server.
  • eDirectory (Novell).
  • Red Hat Directory Server.
  • OpenDJ (LDAP / ForgeRock).
  • OpenLDAP y OpenDS.

  • OpenAM (Forge Rock).
  • OpenFM (Forge Rock).
  • Open SSO.
  • Sun JES Access Manager.
  • Oracle Access Manager 11g

Web servers, Portals and Content Management

  • Sun JES Portal Server.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Portal Server.
  • Novell Portal Server (NPS).
  • Some solutions under linux.

Web Servers:
  • Sun JES WebServer.
  • Apache 1/2.
  • Microsoft IIS.

Content Management (CMS):
  • Some Content Management solutions (Drupal, Alfresco, Joomla Mambo, Spip, ..).

Integration Systems (Bus):
  • OpenESB (ForgeRock).
  • OpenESB-Glassfish.
  • JCAPs.

Mail Systems:
  • Sun JES Messaging Server.
  • Postfix / exim.
  • Qmail /Qmail-LDAP.
  • Microsoft exchange.

Firewalls /Proxys/ VPN and Intrusion Systems:
  • netfilter
  • ipfilter
  • iptables
  • IPFirewall (FreeBSD)
  • IpFilter (Solaris)

Global Solutions. We can provide support solution that encompasses several products.