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  • IT Training Experts

    • Oracle University Partner of the Year
    • Cloudera University Top Talents
    • Specialist training Cassandra and MongoDB

    IT Training

  • Inside Datacenter heart

    With the Core Networks experience with Training and Professional Services, we have developed solutions to common problems in the DataCenter.
    This solutions solve and simplify the management of the DataCenter to minimize timing and costs and make it compliance.

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  • Architect Your Big Data Solution

    Alignment of your architecture to specific use cases is key to maximizing the value of your data. Cloudera offers the most technical insight to help move your Hadoop cluster from proof of concept to production quickly, painlessly, and with peak performance.

    Profesional Services

  • Every minute counts

    The Support Team at Core Networks has a wide experience solving critical issues in all kind of solutions. Identity Management, Access Manager, Directory Services. The biggest customers in Spain already trust in our Support Team for multiple solutions.


"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."
"Every mistake leaves a training, every training leaves an experience and every experience leaves a mark."

Top Notch Training

Get the training of the latest TOP IT Vendors.

InClass and Virtual Training

With the latest technology, Core Networks also offers Live Virtual Classroom.

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in class and virtual training

Core Solutions

Solutions simplifying DataCenter management tasks minimizing response times and costs.

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Professional Services

Architect your Big Data Solution with Professional Services

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Commitment for developing consulting solutions, integration and support of multiple environments and vendors.

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Client Quotes

  • We are faced with the paradoxical fact that education has become one of the main obstacles in the way of intelligence and freedom of thought.

    Bertrand Russel
    British Philosopher

  • Whenever you teach, teach to doubt what you teach too.

    Ex. Chief Architect, apple Inc

  • He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.

    Benjamin Franklin
    American statesman, thinker, scientist and philanthropist.

  • [testimonial author="Luis Gallardo" title="Information Technology and Systems department head, Organizacion Nacional de Transplantes."]The functionality that brought us to SPAC in meeting the LOPD and ease of implementation of the product, we did opt for it as auditing software. The process was simple and the support team has resolved our questions with great professionalism.. [/testimonial]